Why Choose Service Staffing? Reliability!

Commitments are often easy to make but hard to keep. At Service Staffing, commitments are not taken lightly. We asses each staffing request based on a number of key criteria including the number of positions to be filled, required qualifications of the positions, and our comfort that we can adequately satisfy the clients' needs.

Our success is founded on long-term client relationships, and we will not compromise potential relationships by making promises we cannot keep. We will give an assessment on how we may help without promising to achieve what is unattainable based on labor supply. But once we make a commitment, our staff will go the extra mile in doing whatever is possible to fill the need. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and we want you to be assured of that. There is always staff on duty; if we're not n the office, clients are able to reach us on weekends, night hours, and holidays. 

Quality performance is what you expect from any employee. Service Staffing maintains that excellence when staffing your needs. We do our homework on each candidate, and ensure each meets your standards and needs.